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       Shuangfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd Wenlin Zhejiang was founded in 1989, it is located near Daxi Expressway Toll Station of Wenlin City. The scenery is very beautiful.

        The workshop covers an area of 8000 square meters and the building area is 5800 square meters. We possess the fixed assets of 40 million RMB and powerful technology. We have the biggest 60000g injection moulding machine inland and 20 set of brannew large medium small sized "Haitian" moulding machines. The company has the annual output of more than 80 million RMB. It scale-up increasingly along with the world development.

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  • Factory site:North side in the province Wenling City
    superhighway toll station of Zhejiang 200 rice
  • Sales department address:big river road No.302
  • Postcode:317525
  • Tel:+86576-86339000
  • Fax:+86576-86339678
  • HTTM//:www.

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